Back in Japan Monday !

Mori Tower View, 東京 日本


I’m flying back to Japan this Sunday (13.5). Get ready for many updates and keep an eye to my flickr as well since I will be adding photos a lot again !

I’ll be flying with through London this time.
My schedule for that day

– 4:00-5:00 am. Bus to the airport
– 8:00 am. flight from Helsinki to London
– (3 hour 10 min flight)
– Chilling 4 hours at the airport
– 1:30 pm flight to Japan
– (11 hour 35min flight)
= Total flying time 14 hours 45mins

Arriving to Japan Monday morning.

I’m so excited to be going back! I’ll be making a nice post of my trip to Japan, photos at the airport, airplane and more.

I’ll start packing soon, I have already selected the clothes but I haven’t yet decided which luggage I should take. I got my good looking samsonite that is lighter than my other bag from whirlpool but I can fit more things to the whirlpool one.

I have again crazy amount of movies, tv shows and anime to watch while I’m traveling!

This time I will try to take much more “people” photos with my big lens or I just nicely ask in Japanese if I can take a photo of someone 😀

I have been practicing my Japanese a lot and I’m pretty sure I can manage myself much better this time.
The Giant Panda Ueno Zoo 恩賜上野動物園, Tokyo Japan 東京 日本

Need to go to see my panda friend at Ueno zoo again!

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