Feels like I never left

Now that I have been here for couple of days I have gotten this feeling that I never left, this place feels so much like home to me !

The first days here have been a bit on the crazy side with partying and drinking. If you try to speak to me I could not answer because I lost my voice in a bar 2 days ago.

But I have also taken some amazing shots which I’m sure you will like ! I’ll do my best uploading the rest today but for now I just show you some photos I took with my sony.

Few days ago we were in shock because the famous sky tree had disappeared !
Sky tree has been stolen !
It should be right in the middle of that photo but it was all covered with clouds and fog.

If you don’t know what the sky tree looks like here is a photo of it.
sky tree on a cloudy day

I don’t think you can see this often 😀
no more sky tree

I went to visit Roppingi hills as well and saw how beautiful the Mori tower was with the fog.

Mori towerMori towerMori tower

I love that building ! need to go up there again soon !

Here are Japanese students listening to the teacher at asakusa.
student assembly

Found a very good italian restaurant in Asakusa as well 😀
I had this
italian food in japan
and my friend from France had
italian food in japan

I missed the Japanese morning menu at mcdonnalds.
morning mcdonnalds set in japan

this was like a fast blog post but I wanted to write little something something for y’all !But now I will go to get some medicine for my throat and then to take more photos !!

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