Mysterious days in Tokyo

Goood Moorning from north Japan!

I’m now in Aomori prefecture in a small town called Hirosaki visiting my fiance. You can imagine why I haven’t been able to update my blog for a while. I have been taking a lot of photos daily but uploading them to my sites is a bit difficult because of the upload speed of the wifi here (Thank you Docomo…) :D.

I can upload photos I take with my pocket camera Sony but very slowly. I did get some photos up that I wanted to share with y’all !

My friends friend showed me this amazing place to get Karaage (唐揚げ) which is Japanese fried chicken. It’s in Asakusa very close to the Sakura Hostel Asakusa (I’ll give you better details later).
I have eaten Karaage in many different restaurants and cities in Japan but to be honest this place in Asakusa has the best Fried chicken I have ever had and the reason is because this place has like 30-ish different flavors, including habanero,honey mustard, sweet chili and much much more!
Tasty Japanese fried chicken, 唐揚げ

While I stayed in Asakusa I used the Ginza line daily and often I could see the train packed with Japanese students like this. Most of them know how to be nicely there but sometimes they are just making way too much noise.
Ginza line full of students

Wanted a hamburger so I went to the trust worthy place in Harajuku called Wolfgang puck express. Lunch time is the best there because it is so damn cheap.
Wolfgang puck burgers , Harajuku

This is something you have to try 😛 The official Sky Tree ice cream! You can find it in pretty much all the convenience stores, I know that at least Family mart has them.
Official Sky Tree ice cream !

Best drink in Starbucks macha frappuccino
Starbucks Akiba, Macha frappuchino
Green tea donuts !!! that would go well with macha frappuccino 😀
Green tea Donut !

Be careful at the metro!!
Be careful in the train

Going to drink with some friends at Asakusa.
Going drinking with friends

I have a crazy amount of photos from Sanja matsuri but I can’t upload them because of the wifi speed so you will be able to see them on 26th of june and a lot more!

Here is me in the festival clothes at the Asakusa Sanja matsuri !
Sanja Matsuri Ari Helminen

I’ll try to keep adding more photos taken with my sony later today again ! 🙂

1 thought on “Mysterious days in Tokyo

  1. Definitely want more info on that karage place for my trip next year. I ate at that Wolfgang Puck place in February when I was in Japan and it was very good. My first Italian food in Japan, in fact.

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