Fast food Burgers


In Japan is great since it does not make you feel bad after that you ate there. Hamburgers look pretty much exactly like they do in photos which I like a lot and the serves is great ! fast and polite two things that you can expect to see in Japan a lot.

Morning Set that is served until 10.30am is awesome, delicious and with it you will last easily all day until dinner.
5th day! まじ東京あげぽよ☆

-This costs about 490 yen and is delicious ! it’s called メガマフィン セット Should be number 4 in the menu.

MOS Burger

This is my favorite from all of the burger places!
Mos Burger B.L.T

I have tasted quite a few burgers there and they are all gooooood!

Freshness Burger
Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger is a bit more expensive but it’s taste is worth the price!

More to come soon ! Mos burger,freshness,lotteria and many more.

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