Chibi playing outside

Chibi loves being outside as you have seen from many photos that I have taken. Here are couple of videos of her doing cat things outside ! She is so cute !

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Aomori video clips

Here are 9 videos I took in Aomori, a little bit of everything from cats to castles I hope you like em!

1st. I took this video in the night buss when we were actually going to Aomori before the new year. I love that smoothing voice that you can hear.

2nd. Castle of Hirosaki! My hands were freezing when I took this! You can see a bit of the park as well and if the weather would have been better you could have seen a mountain in the background.

3rd and 4th. Two videos of the cutest cat ever called Chibi. My fiances family cat!


5th and 6th. Couple of small clips I took from the window of the car when we were driving in Aomori, the amount of snow is staggering.


7th. We went to a spot where people feed swans and other birds in the winter. Sadly it was snowing again so I could not take photos there but luckily I got this video taken 😀

8th. Driving in the mountain range of Akita.

9th. You saw photos from this shrine in the last post I did. When my girl was going to pray I took a video inside of it same time 😀

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Been listening Howard stern show all morning while editing photos and uploading things 🙂

Shrines,Cat and Mountain

1st day of the new year. Bit tired after the new years party that I thought would have ended after the year changed but it continued three days after which was great !
It is a tradition to go to visit your shrines in the first few days as well and check your fortune for the new year so we visited some.

In the morning when we woke up I was playing with the cute cat that lived there called Charo whose photos you have seen before in my site !
朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo
In this photo he is eating my girlfriends hand !
朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo
I saw that there was a good weather outside so I quickly went out with my camera to take photos of one of the mountains that surrounds the Aomori area.
This mountain is called Iwate-san. I love mountains since in Finland we don’t have any so it is always a big thing for me to see one.
岩手山 Mount Iwate岩手山 Mount Iwate岩手山 Mount Iwate岩手山 Mount Iwate岩手山 Mount Iwate

After my time with Charo ended and I took enough photos of the mountain, we left to see some of the beautiful shrines of the area near by. One of the shrines we visited had a great looking dragon ice statue and since I love dragons I was amazed of it!
2012 is the year of the Dragon if you haven’t yet heard and also my sign is dragon so this will be my year !
Ice dragon statue in AomoriIce dragon statue in AomoriIce dragon statue in AomoriIce dragon statue in Aomori

Now all the fortune things that were a bunny/rabbit last year 2011 has changed in to dragons which is wicked heh 😀
Year of the dragon 2012! my year

Shrines in AomoriShrines in AomoriShrines in Aomori

The first days of the year you go to your shrine and burn your last years fortunes and talismans and get a new one for the new year.
Shrines in AomoriShrines in Aomori

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朝猫 ちゃろ Morning with Charo

More Videos in Japan

Here are again videos for you from the exciting Japan !

Was walking in Shibuya for a bit to find my new wallet so took this video for you 😀

Went to my favorite cat Cafe in Shinjuku called calico. Always a great place to go to when you want to relax.

Cutest Cats ever ! Maybe not as cute as Chibi tho 😀

As you might know I’m crazy about stalking those cats that live in the streets so always when I see one I quickly start taking video like you see here.

This video is very interesting, I took it on the opening day of the new burger king in Gyotoku, you see how many people they have working there 😀

Good night from ちびちゃん (chibi)

Was just about to start playing a game on my iPad but my girlfriends family cat called chibi came to the room and started to sleep so I decided to go to sleep as well!

Chibi is 17-18 years old so you could call her a grandmother already, but she has the spirit of 10 year old kitty! In the evening she is downstairs yelling にゃにゃにゃん (nyanyanyan) !!! Now that she is more use to me she comes upstairs to our room as well.

New years is just around the corner!
What are your plans for the new years ?
Alone watching movies?
Playing with fireworks?

Also have you made any new year promises that you think you could keep?

What was the biggest thing that happened to you in 2011 ?
For me it was to come to Japan at begin of march and falling in love with Japan more and more.

I took could photos of chibi with my Sony that you will see later, these are from my iPad camera.





Isn’t she cute ?!?!?!?!?

good night everyone !