Cat cafe Calico, Shinjuku 猫カフェ 新宿

It seems that always when I go to my favorite cat cafe in Tokyo, I keep going to eat in the same restaurant called Shakeys pizza ( if you been reading my blog before you know it).

This time was no different, before we went to the cat cafe we took a quick stop at the restaurant to some delicious salad that they have and of course the best onion rings and few slices of pizza.

Pizza and SaladPizza and SaladPizza and Salad

-Best cat cafe in Tokyo (in my honest oppinion)
-not too expensive 1000yen an hour
-you get a free ticket always when you leave and with it you can get a free drink when you come back.

I took some great shots of the cats again there 😀 I know all you cat lovers will like them a lot !

The first ones are my favorite 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico
These days when I go to this place I always buy that small box of chicken that the cats love. Always when I have it open the cats come around me 😀

Here are couple of photos of the cat downstairs and up.

-upstairs is great with Wii and ipad to play with 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Downstairs is full of Manga and an area where you can eat and drink as well 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

More photos of the cute cats!

I love it how they put their paw on your hand when you are giving them chicken so that you don’t pull you don’t take the chicken away!
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Sleepy sleepy
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

I loved this cat! I was watching this big cat jumping in to that small basket and everyone started laughing when she was trying to make herself fit in to it 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

There there cute cat’s
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

I want more chicken !
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

He doesn’t want anyone touching him while he is a sleep.
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Standing on my legs.
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

and Sleepy again
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Some things I bought those days.
-From left to right
1st. European plug-in
2nd. SD card box for 4 cards
3rd. C270 logitech webcam for my girlfriend
Shopping in Yodobashi AkihabaraShopping in Yodobashi AkihabaraShopping in Yodobashi Akihabara
I love this thing, recharging the batteries of my ipads and everything 🙂
Shopping in Yodobashi Akihabara

Nice panorama I took at the station
Panorama metro station tokyo

She has a cute back bag 😀
Asakusa festival

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Cat video time !

Today I went to Sakura hostel Asakusa to steal their internet again so I got a lot of new photos uploaded and a lot of videos as well to my you tube channel !

So.. All you cat lovers ! I have a looot of videos for y’all !!

The first videos are from a famous cat cafe at Shinjuku. (near kabukicho, East exit JR station)

I so love the cats there !!

I highly do recommend that cat to everyone who like cats ! Read my older post about that cat cafe for more info !

Now is the turn for cats that I have seen in the streets having fun and of course if you remember that big white cat that lives near here at the parking lot.

I know way too much videos ! but actually some of them are actually kinda cute ! I’ll try to take more videos in Japan for y’all !

Shakey’s pizza and Calico Cat cafe !

Continuing from the last post,
Calico cat cafe
before we went to the cat cafe we took a quick stop at this delicious pizza place called Shakey’s ( I love their onion rings).

We ordered 2 plates of onion rings,caesar salad and quater size pizza! The pizza there is not that OOOO but the onion rings are to die for with the delicious dip ! The thing about this place is that it is very cheap ! all what we ate was only 2100 yen, aahh and of course 2 drinks .
Shakey's Pizza
Salad was okay tho !

My girl wants to eat already but I am taking photos 😀
Shakey's Pizza

Shakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza

Pizza was not bad at all either!

Shakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza

and here are the delicious onion rings !
Shakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza


Few more photos from the cute cat cafe that I took with my pocket Sony !
Calico cat cafe
Calico cat cafe
Calico cat cafe
Look at my big eyes !
Calico cat cafe

Now we are going back to Shinjuku to take some photos and getting ready for a party tonight ! Let’s get our drink on !

Cat cafe at Shinjuku, 猫カフェ 新宿

Cats and Pizza, 猫とピザ

I went to Cat cafe with my girl last week as you saw in the many many photos I took to my flickr!

Here are couple of videos I took in there as well!

Lunch time Lunch time ! and all the cats came running to get the food !

After everyone were full they started to play !