Sky Tree & Party in Shinjuku


This day was awesome because I had a party with my friends whom I haven’t seen for a while and also I visited the mall of Sky Tree Solamachi with my girl.

Since my girl wasn’t in Tokyo for the grand opening of the sky Tree she wanted to visit there before we left to Aomori and after 40 minutes walking around the shops there I had to take her to get that smoothie/shake shop I found on my last visit there.

I had my favorite which of course is Strawberry shake
Strawberry shakey in Sky Tree
and she had the pineapple one.
My girl enjoying her shake
I preferred mine tho since mine was more sweeter 😛
Pineapple shakey in the Sky TreeStrawberry Shake

Later that day we went to omote sando to shop some clothes and after that we went to Shakeys pizzeria. (you know I love that place)(we don’t care about the pizza that much but the onion rings are the best)

Lunch at omotesandocaesar salad !tasty onion rings

In the evening we had our party at a Izakaya called Wara Wara in Shinjuku.
Always happy to see friends and make new ones at these parties !
Party at Wara Wara, ShinjukuParty at Wara Wara, ShinjukuParty at Wara Wara, ShinjukuParty at Wara Wara, Shinjuku

This is actually kinda funny, I normally love wasabi but this evening my throat was hurting so eating it was a little bit more difficult than I thought.

1st. This is me with the Wasabi before I ate it. ( you can see there is quite a lot of it)
Party at Wara Wara, Shinjuku
2nd.Ok so now it’s in my mouth, all good so far..
Party at Wara Wara, Shinjuku
3rd. Here it got me since I could not swallow it and the hotness was getting higher and higher. Luckily I had a nice cold beer in my hand to help.
Party at Wara Wara, Shinjuku

Normally, like now I could eat that piece of wasabi and not blink an eye.. just saying 😀

Here are some food photos of what we were eating.
Party at Wara Wara, ShinjukuParty at Wara Wara, ShinjukuParty at Wara Wara, Shinjuku
Don’t you just love these things at the izakayas? 10 minutes after the tray arrives to the table, it’s empty.
Party at Wara Wara, Shinjuku

If any of you are ever in Tokyo while I’m there and not busy, send me a message and you might get invited to one of my great parties 😀

for the last note, have you noticed that in Japan they have changed the sprite can for “older” looking design. I normally don’t drink sprite but the cool looking can made me get one.

New sprite cans in Japan

Happy life in Tokyo

These couple of days were great, Cat cafes and delicious food !

Coming home after a long drinking night in Tokyo is always interesting. First train comes around about 5am-ish and in that train you can see a lot of weird things.

I arrived to Asakusa at 5.40am and the streets were so quiet and peaceful, very good time to take photos.
Early morning in Asakusa
I went straight to sleep but I did saw people getting ready for the Sanja matsuri.
Early morning in Asakusa

In Ginza there is a famous waffle shop that I never tried before and now I understand why there is a long queue everyday. They were deeeelicious and Cheap !
belgian wuffels in Ginzabelgian wuffels in Ginza

I’m absolutely mental about Ice cream ( you should know that already), in a hot day in Tokyo I normally eat 3-5 ice creams and most of them are macha (green tea) ice cream.
Eating macha ice cream

One of my weird traditions is to go to Shakey’s pizzeria and after I’m full I go to the cat cafe !
Shakeys pizza is a good place to go if you want ok tasting pizza, very tasty onion rings and 300yen drinks.
ps. that place is very cheap.
Shakeys pizza in ShinjukuShakeys pizza in ShinjukuShakeys pizza in Shinjuku
Here are some very cute photos of the cats at my favorite cat cafe at shinjuku called Calico.
Cat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near Kabukicho

In the last post post I wrote about the best Japanese fried chicken place (唐揚げ)
that is located in Asakusa. The chicken is very cheap so one evening I ate a lot of it 😀

M.O.S Burger is best fast food restaurant in the world. Just look how tasty it looks ! When you visit Japan you have to go to eat there even once !
M.O.S. Burger in AkihabaraM.O.S. Burger in Akihabara

I went to the famous One Piece event in Roppongi Hills which was great but the entrance fee was 2000 yen and you could not take photos inside there and it was in the same floor as the Tokyo city view but you could not enter to that side without paying 1500 yen more so I gave up and went only to see the One Piece event. It was worth the money but I would have been happier if I could have taken photos inside.
One Piece exhibition in Roppongi Hills
Long line of people getting the tickets to the event that was held in the 52nd floor if I’m not mistaken.
One Piece exhibition in Roppongi Hills
I did get a lot of One piece merchandise from there tho 😀
One Piece exhibition in Roppongi Hills

If you are going to the Solamachi mall in Tokyo Sky Tree you have to check out the kyoto green tea ice cream shop ! Look what I got and you understand why.
Macha Azuki ice cream in sky tree, まちゃ あずきMacha Azuki ice cream in sky tree, まちゃ あずきMacha Azuki ice cream in sky tree, まちゃ あずき
Also when you visit the tokyo Sky Tree you absolutely have to buy a Tokyo Banana Tree from there, they sell these almost everywhere in there so would not be too difficult to find.
Tokyo Banana Tree (famous souvenir from the Sky Tree)

As a nice end to this post, here is a homeless man with an expensive Finnish design bag called Marimekko. 😀
Homeless man with marimekko

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Cat cafe Calico, Shinjuku 猫カフェ 新宿

It seems that always when I go to my favorite cat cafe in Tokyo, I keep going to eat in the same restaurant called Shakeys pizza ( if you been reading my blog before you know it).

This time was no different, before we went to the cat cafe we took a quick stop at the restaurant to some delicious salad that they have and of course the best onion rings and few slices of pizza.

Pizza and SaladPizza and SaladPizza and Salad

-Best cat cafe in Tokyo (in my honest oppinion)
-not too expensive 1000yen an hour
-you get a free ticket always when you leave and with it you can get a free drink when you come back.

I took some great shots of the cats again there 😀 I know all you cat lovers will like them a lot !

The first ones are my favorite 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico
These days when I go to this place I always buy that small box of chicken that the cats love. Always when I have it open the cats come around me 😀

Here are couple of photos of the cat downstairs and up.

-upstairs is great with Wii and ipad to play with 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Downstairs is full of Manga and an area where you can eat and drink as well 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

More photos of the cute cats!

I love it how they put their paw on your hand when you are giving them chicken so that you don’t pull you don’t take the chicken away!
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Sleepy sleepy
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

I loved this cat! I was watching this big cat jumping in to that small basket and everyone started laughing when she was trying to make herself fit in to it 😀
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

There there cute cat’s
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

I want more chicken !
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

He doesn’t want anyone touching him while he is a sleep.
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Standing on my legs.
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calico

and Sleepy again
Cat Cafe Shinjuku calicoCat Cafe Shinjuku calico

Some things I bought those days.
-From left to right
1st. European plug-in
2nd. SD card box for 4 cards
3rd. C270 logitech webcam for my girlfriend
Shopping in Yodobashi AkihabaraShopping in Yodobashi AkihabaraShopping in Yodobashi Akihabara
I love this thing, recharging the batteries of my ipads and everything 🙂
Shopping in Yodobashi Akihabara

Nice panorama I took at the station
Panorama metro station tokyo

She has a cute back bag 😀
Asakusa festival

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More Videos in Japan

Here are again videos for you from the exciting Japan !

Was walking in Shibuya for a bit to find my new wallet so took this video for you 😀

Went to my favorite cat Cafe in Shinjuku called calico. Always a great place to go to when you want to relax.

Cutest Cats ever ! Maybe not as cute as Chibi tho 😀

As you might know I’m crazy about stalking those cats that live in the streets so always when I see one I quickly start taking video like you see here.

This video is very interesting, I took it on the opening day of the new burger king in Gyotoku, you see how many people they have working there 😀

Dinner at Shinjuku Izakaya

Today I will make a post about the Tokyo motor show but first I want to share couple of photos about our pleasant evening at a cheapish izakaya in Shinjuku. We haven’t eaten in many of these 270yen izakayas together so we decided to have a try. (Normally we go to better places as you might have seen from the photos I have taken)

That particular evening the izakaya we chose had a discount evening, everything 250yen (+tax)… Super cheap but the quality is what it is, not saying that it is bad but not the best either.

Beer was good my fried chicken and eggs were great, my girl also ordered some other dishes for us.

270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya

This next photo has nothing to do with food nor Izakaya but saw these at Donki and had to snap a shot, should I some ??
270円 白木屋新宿居酒屋 Izakaya

Tokyo Videos !

Few different videos I took in Tokyo for you.

1st. The Christmas illuminations of Aqua city odaiba!

Aqua city is a big mall at Odaiba, very interesting spot to go shopping and have dinner!

2nd. A view of Hard Rock cafe at Roppongi Hills Tokyo

My favorite restaurant chain in the world, great food and the best atmosphere ! Took this video when I was way too full of tasty food.

3rd. Inside Shinjuku JR station changing lines while going to Nakano. Also you can see what a normal Tokyo Metro looks like when it is not rush hour 🙂

4th. Shinjuku station again but this time Metro side. In this video you can see how to use Suica/pasmo cards.

Cat video time !

Today I went to Sakura hostel Asakusa to steal their internet again so I got a lot of new photos uploaded and a lot of videos as well to my you tube channel !

So.. All you cat lovers ! I have a looot of videos for y’all !!

The first videos are from a famous cat cafe at Shinjuku. (near kabukicho, East exit JR station)

I so love the cats there !!

I highly do recommend that cat to everyone who like cats ! Read my older post about that cat cafe for more info !

Now is the turn for cats that I have seen in the streets having fun and of course if you remember that big white cat that lives near here at the parking lot.

I know way too much videos ! but actually some of them are actually kinda cute ! I’ll try to take more videos in Japan for y’all !