walk at Harajuku and Omotesando

Took a little walk at Harajuku and omotesando since I haven’t taken photos there lately and of course I wanted to get some shots of the beautiful Christmas illuminations at omotesando.

Harajuku and OmoteSando

When we got there we were starving, so we took a quick stop at Wolfgang puck express restaurant. I love that place since it is so cheap that it is almost shocking. Great onion rings and burgers ! I recommend lunch time menu for everyone (lunch end at 5pm)

Here are few photos of the delicious burgers and onion rings we had.

Wolfgang puck and it's onion rings !Wolfgang puck and it's onion rings !Wolfgang puck and it's onion rings !Wolfgang puck and it's onion rings !

These Onion rings are in my top 5 onion rings of Tokyo !
Number one I would have to say to be Shakeys
two would be M.O.S burger onion rings
third this place
forth Hard rock cafe Tokyo
fifth not sure yet 😀

Wolfgang puck andWolfgang puck andWolfgang puck andWolfgang puck andWolfgang puck andWolfgang puck and

Photos from the near by area.
Harajuku and OmoteSando
Harajuku full as always.
Harajuku and OmoteSando
School girls shopping in the Christmas sales !
Harajuku and OmoteSando

Best crepes in Tokyo, I eat there pretty much always when I visit harajuku.
Harajuku and OmoteSando

Harajuku and OmoteSando
Harajuku station
Harajuku and OmoteSando
One of my favorite girls at AKB48
Harajuku and OmoteSando
Window of Louis Vuitton at Omotesando
Harajuku and OmoteSando

The famous Christmas lights.
I’d just like to say that one reason why I wasn’t pleased with these photos to come was because I could not get up to the walkway to take photos since all were closed and police were all over the place!
Harajuku and OmoteSando
…as you see…

but here is what I got!
Harajuku and OmoteSandoHarajuku and OmoteSandoHarajuku and OmoteSandoHarajuku and OmoteSandoHarajuku and OmoteSandoHarajuku and OmoteSandoHarajuku and OmoteSandoHarajuku and OmoteSando
Loved that last one with Santa and coca cola 😀

Here are again some Panorama photos that I took with my sony, (from all over Harajuku,shibuya,omotesando)
Panorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of TokyoPanorama of Tokyo

We also bought a ginger cookie house for us to build, We were going to build it today but we are already too full to start making that so tomorrow before Christmas chicken and cake we make it.
Our christmas house !

Lost in Roppongi Hills


Tokyo Tower Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズ
I came to Roppongi Hills to take photos of the Beautiful Christmas illuminations but had kinda little mistake and came too early when it was still very bright outside and the lights were not lighten up yet. I was walking around and got lost couple of times but got some nice shots taken.

I had to go to that Finnish sauna evening that you can read in the post before at 5.45pm and sunset was supposed to be like 4.45pm but at 4.40pm I started walking since I thought that I could quickly search for the lights and walk to Hiroo station but after 20 minutes of walking I noticed that the place did not look anything like it supposed to be. I quickly whipped out my phone and tried to check gps but it failed on me so I used my japanese and asked a japanese man “すみません ひびやのひろお駅わどこですか。” (excuse me, where is Hibiya line hiroo station?” and he was like “ひろお駅?とおいよ”(Hiroo station? Far !) when I heard that I knew I was right that I walked too far, he started explain me how to go there but the way he was telling was way too long way to walk in my time frame so I quickly double back to Roppongi hills and jumped to the hibiya line to Hiroo (the next station). Long story short, I was at the meeting point 30mins too early pretty much but didn’t bother me that much.

OK ok you wanna see photos right ? 😀 Here are some I took and tomorrow maybe I will go to take more photos of the beautiful Christmas lights if the rain stops. ( Raining a lot now in Tokyo)
Tokyo Tower Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズ
Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズTokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズRoppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズRoppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズHard Rock Cafe Tokyo, Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズHard Rock Cafe Tokyo, Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズRoppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズ

Suntory Whiskey has taken over Roppongi Hills with their advertising ! very pretty!
Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズRoppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズ

Photo mix Tokyo !


With my sony that I carry always on me I take all kinds of weird photos so I’ll post some here for y’all !

Saw this Finnair advertising at Asakusa station, actually it looks pretty good well in Japan everything looks good tho. In my honest opinion Finnair sucks, JAL and Airfrance wins Finnair 10-0, but that’s just my opinion I don’t like hearing Finnish that much when I’m flying and the flight attendants are the worst if you ask me.

Finnair aurora in TokyoFinnair aurora in Tokyo

THE KBQ BURGER ! stands for Korean Barbeque Burger. this delicious piece of work from Mcdonnalds really surprised me with it’s taste and flavor. Japans Mcdonnalds is great sometimes!

Normal breakfast at mcdonnalds , surfing online with my ipad using NTT docomo’s portable wifi.
Heathy breakfast?

Okay so many foreigners HATE this part of Tokyo, I do not understand why since I love it ! no matter how full the train be I don’t care. I’m just happy to be here and anything can happen even in the train.
In love with Tozai line

Yesterday evening we had our annual Finnish men Sauna evening here in Tokyo but this time it was totally different since the Ambassador of Finland was kind enough to host this months event for us in the Sauna of Embassy of Finland (which wins the usual spot at Shibuya easily!)
Finnish Embassy sauna evening

Very beautiful place as well, what else you could expect. that photo was like the lounge so to speak. You can see the shower room there and inside there is a sauna that can fit about 6-8 people I’d say.

Also something else happened that I did not expect, the ambassador had got some Finnish beer and food ready for us and also we had a Japanese man there as well filling our beers so they were never empty. I got a feeling that a Japanese woman would have been in shock seeing so many Finnish men naked/half naked in front of her eyes.
Finnish Embassy sauna eveningFinnish Embassy sauna eveningFinnish Embassy sauna evening

I don’t have a good photo from the balcony but you could see Roppongi hills pretty much from there and also Tokyo tower lighten up.

There was enough alcohol for everyone and I’m sure if it would have ended we could have gotten more. From Finnish (lapinkulta) beer to gin there was everything.
Finnish Embassy sauna evening

I doubt the Finnish men would like that I would post photos of them relaxing there half naked so I let you use your imagination on that part.

We were there about 2 hours and then we moved to the closest bar which were called Bonds if I am not mistaken and time flew by. I had to go already at 10.30pm because I do live in the other side of Tokyo ( embassy is at Hiroo (hibiya line) and I live in Gyotoku (Tozai line))
Finnish Embassy sauna eveningFinnish Embassy sauna evening

Miscellaneous photos from few days


Wanted to make this post of some photos I haven’t posted here yet.

1st. Took this one in Shinjuku gyoen national garden/park, you can see that Autumn is coming to Tokyo in full speed! I can’t wait !
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

2nd. one word .. Harajuku hehe, you can find the most freakiest things there sometimes.

3rd. Of course always when I visit a temple/shrine I do the “ritual” with this. If you don’t know what to do with that, you can watch a little while how Japanese do it and mimic them. Don’t drink it please and don’t spit to the water like some idiot foreigners I have seen doing…
Meiji Shrine 明治神宮

4th. In Shinjuku gyoen when you think that you are the only with a big camera, you are wrong
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

5th. Doesn’t this photo just make you want to eat those berries?!?!
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

6th. As many of you know , I am a otaku (geek) and when I saw this I so wanted to go but sadly I did not have enough time.
Evening at Kabukicho, 蕪木著

I’ll start editing photos from yesterday and will get them uploaded sometime today, Since it is very rainy and cold outside ,I’ll stay in.

From Meiji Shrine to Shinkuju gyoen via Harajuku.


Wanted to get some new photos of Meiji-jingu. Got some good ones but have to go back there when it is a clear blue sky.

Always when I walk to the Meiji shrine through these huge .. what ever they called. I get this unspoken wind of spiritual power.

Meiji Shrine 明治神宮Meiji Shrine 明治神宮Meiji Shrine 明治神宮

By the way there is a beautiful flowers at Meiji shrine as well. Same as Shinjuku gyoen but there is even more.
Meiji Shrine 明治神宮Meiji Shrine 明治神宮Meiji Shrine 明治神宮
Few shots of the main shrine.
Meiji Shrine 明治神宮Meiji Shrine 明治神宮Meiji Shrine 明治神宮Meiji Shrine 明治神宮

Sky in Japan now is so mystical looking for some reason.
Meiji Shrine 明治神宮

After I got done with Meiji Shrine I went to harajuku a bit to have breakfast and to take few photos as well.
And then started the longish walk to shinjuku gyoen (park). The walk is not actually that long but I got lost in the middle a bit! Got some normal Shinjuku gyoen photos taken but every time I visit that park it feels like I find something new.
Shinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National Garden

I really do recommend everyone to go to Shinjuku park this week and next week because it is now filled with beautiful flower arrangements !

Shinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National GardenShinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Yesterday I was in Finnish men who live in Tokyo sauna evening, normally we go to Shibuya to have sauna and a beer at hub but this time we had a special situation and we had our sauna evening at Finland embassy sauna and not just the normal sauna for the help but the main sauna with the balcony and beer + alcohol served well and of course Finnish sausages , pan and salad ! took few small photos there that I will post soonish.