Hamburgers of Tokyo


Here are some of the most delicious hamburgers I have eaten in Japan and some other extras!! If you don’t become hungry while reading this post there is only two options:
1st. you don’t like food
2nd. you are a vegan or vegetarian

Let’s start with the awesome M.O.S burger ! This burger is my favorite there and I miss it so much !
MOS burger and Pizza-LaM.O.S BurgerM.O.S Burger

Just look at how tasty that looks 😀

Hard Rock cafe Tokyo

World famous restaurant strikes again!
Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo,JapanHard Rock Cafe Tokyo,JapanHard Rock Cafe Tokyo,Japan

Always a good place to go to have a great evening.

Freshness burger

Very similar burger place to M.O.S but I guess this place is more “fresh” ? 😀 hehe
Freshness Burger

Got a love those onion rings as well 😀

McDonald’s (マクドナルド)

I don’t eat often Mc often but the morning sets I love !
5th day! まじ東京あげぽよ☆

Cheap and good !

Hooters Tokyo (フーターズ 東京)
hフーターズ Hooters, 東京 日本 Tokyo Japan

That was my first time in Hooters and damn it was goood 😀 women were nice too hehe 😀

zest cantina (ゼストキャンティーナ)
Hamburgers at zest cantina EbisuHamburgers at zest cantina EbisuHamburgers at zest cantina Ebisu

Zest is a great place ! I recommend eating here ! their website is in English as well 🙂

Wolfgang Puck (ウルフギャング・パック)

Wolfgang puck andWolfgang puck andWolfgang puck and

Very cheap and delicious place as well ! easy to find in Harajuku 😀

Festival Hamburger
Asakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi marketAsakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi marketAsakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi market

This burger was huge and gooooddd 😀

There were couple Hamburgers that you might like to try in Japan!

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These photos I took on that same day we went to the lake Towada but these I took with my sony. I was going to put these on the same post but kinda forgot about these photos.

We ate ramen this day like pretty much everyday we did ! Our lovely routine in Aomori was a delicious ramen and Onsen (I personally wished that everyday could be like that).

I like to sit on tatami in the restaurants I go in Japan!
Roadtrip and Ramen in AomoriRoadtrip and Ramen in Aomori

The ramen was delicious!
I had a extra meat ramen
Ramen in Aomori 青森のラメン
and my girl had miso ramen
Ramen in Aomori 青森のラメンRoadtrip and Ramen in Aomori

In the evening I took couple of shots in the store.
Roadtrip and Ramen in AomoriRoadtrip and Ramen in Aomori

Couple of Cute photos of my girlfriends family cat called Chibi (which means small)
Beautiful ChibiBeautiful Chibi

I’m sorry for posting so much today, in the mood I guess and I want to get the photos from Aomori done already so I can get back up to date!

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おにぎり Onigiri

Thank you for reading my blog !

Today’s lunch at Yayoiken やよい軒

Went to this great Japanese restaurant for a quick lunch. This restaurant chain has a lot of spots all around Tokyo and where we live, we have two of them very close, about 10min walk.

Very cheap place to go, my meal was about 780yen and it included miso soup,salad, rice and of course the main meal. Maybe a picture would be better… All of this 780yen!
Yayoiken やよい軒 Lunch
I had a delicious hamburger steak that had melted cheese inside and on top ! deeeeeelicious !
Yayoiken やよい軒 LunchYayoiken やよい軒 LunchYayoiken やよい軒 Lunch
Very clean and good restaurant ! well all in Japan are clean and good! hehehe
Yayoiken やよい軒 LunchYayoiken やよい軒 Lunch
Good salad as well !
Yayoiken やよい軒 Lunch
Miso soup is always welcome 😀
Yayoiken やよい軒 Lunch

Mystery box came to our house!

We were relaxing watching tv and playing with the ipads and ipods and suddenly the door bell rang and my girl went to open it and there was this huge-ish box and we were like what is it ! She yelled “ari come here this is heavy” and I carried it to the living room and my when my girl saw it she knew what they were.

I was still wondering what could it be and my girl did not tell me, she started to open it and then I saw what it was!!!
Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱

A LOT OF APPLES AND PEARS FROM AOMORI where her family is from.
Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱Mystery box from Aomori 青森から届いた不思議な箱

looked like there was no end to them !

Looks like this and next weeks food will be something made with apples and pears. Apple pie anyone ??? apple juice ??? apple jam ??? ! come to our house free-ish apples!

Cute & Tasty かわいい &美味しい


Saw these tasty little pans at the bakery near my house (also next to the minami-gyotoku station). I bought one of them and it was actually very good ! In Japan everything is very good always.

Do you have anything this cute in the bakery you go to ?

Delicious and Cute