Chibi playing outside

Chibi loves being outside as you have seen from many photos that I have taken. Here are couple of videos of her doing cat things outside ! She is so cute !

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Shakey’s pizza and Calico Cat cafe !

Continuing from the last post,
Calico cat cafe
before we went to the cat cafe we took a quick stop at this delicious pizza place called Shakey’s ( I love their onion rings).

We ordered 2 plates of onion rings,caesar salad and quater size pizza! The pizza there is not that OOOO but the onion rings are to die for with the delicious dip ! The thing about this place is that it is very cheap ! all what we ate was only 2100 yen, aahh and of course 2 drinks .
Shakey's Pizza
Salad was okay tho !

My girl wants to eat already but I am taking photos 😀
Shakey's Pizza

Shakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza

Pizza was not bad at all either!

Shakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza

and here are the delicious onion rings !
Shakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza


Few more photos from the cute cat cafe that I took with my pocket Sony !
Calico cat cafe
Calico cat cafe
Calico cat cafe
Look at my big eyes !
Calico cat cafe

Now we are going back to Shinjuku to take some photos and getting ready for a party tonight ! Let’s get our drink on !

Cat cafe 猫カフェ

Yesterday once again we went to my favorite cat cafe at Shinjuku, this time I had my nikon with me so I got some excellent photos taken, also this time we bought the chicken that you can give to the cats so we were very popular with them.

Shinjuku is famous for it’s restaurants, bars and clubs but hidden behind the beautiful lights is a relaxing cat cafe called Calico!

Shinjuku nights !Shinjuku nights !Shinjuku nights !Cat cafe at Shinjuku

In there you can eat tasty dishes while watching cats sleep and play, you can drink beer and soft drinks and prices are not expensive at all.
1hour costs 1000yen
2hours costs 1500yen
plus if you want to be popular with the cats buy a small box of chicken with 300 yen and they will all come to you.
A little tip if you are going there, about 5pm is their feeding time so you don’t have to buy chicken 😀

When you go to cat cafe ( what to do)
1st.Take off your shoes and change for slippers
2nd.wash your hands with soap very well.
3rd.Dry your hands and put a bit of alcohol thingy to make your hands very clean.
4th.put that paper thing around your neck that shows what time you came in so you know when 1 hour is up ( you can stay as long as your wallet can handle it)
5th.Go in to the cat area and put your jacket and things to the locker
6th. go crazy with the cats 😀

I know you are waiting that I show you photos from there that will make you go “awwwwww”
Here we go!!!!

Cat cafe at Shinjuku
this next one is my favorite there. Always playing with him!
Cat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at Shinjuku
This guy thinks he is so cool!
Cat cafe at Shinjuku
I love it how they put their paw on your hand when you give em chicken
Cat cafe at Shinjuku
Cat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at Shinjuku

This Cat cafe has two areas upstairs and downstairs
Downstairs is a lot of manga (comics) to read and also a smoking room and “restaurant”
Upstairs is full of different things you can use to play with the cats. (you can also donate things there)
Cat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at Shinjuku

I still have much great photos from here and the other things we did this day that I will upload soon and also got photos from Tokyo motor show that I want to share with you and I climbed Mt.Takao few days ago too (been busy ehheh)
but here are few more photos ! see more at my flickr like always !
Cat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at ShinjukuCat cafe at Shinjuku

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Cat cafe at Shinjuku, 猫カフェ 新宿

Cats and Pizza, 猫とピザ

I went to Cat cafe with my girl last week as you saw in the many many photos I took to my flickr!

Here are couple of videos I took in there as well!

Lunch time Lunch time ! and all the cats came running to get the food !

After everyone were full they started to play !