Odaiba the best place in Tokyo ???

yesterday (16th may) I went with my french friend to Odaiba to see the amazing Gundam (for people who don’t know it is a big robot from a famous anime) at new mall that just opened.

Let’s start what happened at the morning, I woke up and had a serious hangover going and I was just sitting at the hostel lobby and watching to the emptiness (I’m sure some of you know that feeling), then my English friend made Pakistani curry which was delicious !
Pakistani curry in JapanPakistani curry in Japan

It helped my hangover a lot and with it I got energy to go to Odaiba.

Took some shots at Asakusa while we were walking to the station.
Himiko is always a beautiful boat to see in the Sumida river and always when you see it you should take a photo.
Beautiful Himiko
Could it be?!?! Could it be possible !!! the cutest dog in Asakusa (I gave her the title !)
cutest dog in asakusa !cutest dog in asakusa !cutest dog in asakusa !cutest dog in asakusa !
You know me.. Always when I get a chance to take a photo of a Japanese school girl I take it.
Japanese school girls

I need to start taking more photos in the stations and metro! I know it is kinda a bad manner but I’m pretty fast taking a photo without people noticing.
mysterious Ginza linemysterious Ginza line

Took the Yurikamome train to Odaiba which is always fun
Beauty of OdaibaBeauty of Odaiba

When we were walking on a bridge and you could see bit by bit the amazing gundam, I got more and more excited. I been a big fan of it for a while and I have wanted to see that real size gundam for years and years ! I was so so so so so so so happy hah ( I know I sound like the weird guy ever..)

can you say that this thing is not cool ?
Badass Gundam in Odaiba !Beauty of OdaibaBadass Gundam in Odaiba !Badass Gundam in Odaiba !Badass Gundam in Odaiba !Badass Gundam in Odaiba !Badass Gundam in Odaiba !Badass Gundam in Odaiba !Badass Gundam in Odaiba !Badass Gundam in Odaiba !

Took some other great photos in odaiba that I’m sure you’ll like. I also got a one photo that I’m especially proud of !
Beauty of OdaibaBeauty of OdaibaBeauty of OdaibaBeauty of OdaibaBeauty of Odaiba
This is that photo that I’m very happy about.
Beauty of Odaiba

We decided that we did not want to pay other 315 yen to use the yurikamome train so we just walked through the rainbow bridge and I got some nice shots there as well.
Beauty of Odaiba
Beauty of OdaibaBeauty of Odaiba

I hope you enjoyed the photos ! Now that tomorrow Asakusa has a huge festival coming up I will take crazy amount of photos there !