Cat video time !

Today I went to Sakura hostel Asakusa to steal their internet again so I got a lot of new photos uploaded and a lot of videos as well to my you tube channel !

So.. All you cat lovers ! I have a looot of videos for y’all !!

The first videos are from a famous cat cafe at Shinjuku. (near kabukicho, East exit JR station)

I so love the cats there !!

I highly do recommend that cat to everyone who like cats ! Read my older post about that cat cafe for more info !

Now is the turn for cats that I have seen in the streets having fun and of course if you remember that big white cat that lives near here at the parking lot.

I know way too much videos ! but actually some of them are actually kinda cute ! I’ll try to take more videos in Japan for y’all !

Cat cafe at Shinjuku, 猫カフェ 新宿

Cats and Pizza, 猫とピザ

I went to Cat cafe with my girl last week as you saw in the many many photos I took to my flickr!

Here are couple of videos I took in there as well!

Lunch time Lunch time ! and all the cats came running to get the food !

After everyone were full they started to play !