Ikea and Lalaport

Few days ago had a nice shopping day at Ikea and the famous mall called Lalaport.At Ikea had to buy some batteries to my mouse and tv remote and some other christmas things and plates.

Saw this great band live at lalaport! they are old robots that were modified to play instruments as a band. You can see a video of them in my you tube channel

LALAport Tokyo bay
LALAport Tokyo bay
Of course in Ikea we had to eat the meatballs and when we were done shopping the hotdogs. This time everything was very cheap since my girl opened her Ikea family card.

Ikea in Japan Meatballs
Ikea in Japan Meatballs
Hotdogs were delicious too tho !
Ikea in Japan hotdogIkea in Japan hotdog

THERE IS A NEW BURGER KING OPENING IN GYOTOKU STATION! heh maybe not big news to you but to me hell yea ! The closest burger king from here is errr 40 minutes away in train ? something like that.
NEW burger king opens at gyotoku station!NEW burger king opens at gyotoku station!

at 25th of December we will make tacos so bought some things for them as well.
Ready to make tacos !Ready to make tacos !

panorama photo again !
LALAport Tokyo bay

ps. if you watch Terebi asahi now in Japan lady gaga is live there now ,, not a big fan but my girlfriend likes her a lot.


Once again.. Shopping day !

Hey hey !

After I got finished with that dude hacking me, things got better. Saturday we had a crazy rain and wind here at Chiba and my brilliant idea was to go to wallmart quickly to get some food with my girl and on our way there “I” broke two umbrellas.. well the wind did ! Also my shoes got very wet and more broken heh I have to buy new shoes this week!

Got a love the way Japanese dry their umbrellas after a rainy day.
Heavy rain yesterday, poor umbrellas.

Sunday started great, my girl made us delicious breakfast with bacon,french toast and salad. Already at 9am the sky was clear and the sun was shining with +20celcius!

We left to Lalaport at Minami-funabashi and after that had a stop at Ikea to see the Christmas decorations and of course eat the meatballs there.

Lalaport is a big mall, great place to do some shopping. You can find Lalaport in many places (including chiba.tokyo and Yokohama). Little tip don’t go there on weekend, its full of people 😀

On our way to Lalaport, a lot of Christmas things everywhere!

Lalaport FunabashiLalaport Funabashi

It’s a bit normal to see English and other languages behind some products but to see Finnish is a bit rare !
Lalaport Funabashi

These are sooo delicious ! Next time I go there I will buy a big bag.. mmm or maybe in Costco ! better prices !
Lalaport Funabashi

If you now live in Tokyo or coming to Tokyo for Christmas and thinking “where should I buy a Christmas tree?” think no further !
Depends which you like more plastic or a real tree.
1. Plastic you can buy pretty much every where, including Ikea.
Ikea in Chiba
2.But if you are like me and want a real tree, go to Ikea they have real trees outsides in many sizes and are surprisingly cheap !
Ikea in Chiba

We ate at Ikea of course like the tradition goes. I had my 20 meatballs and my girl had 15meatballs (women size) .

Ikea in ChibaIkea in ChibaIkea in ChibaIkea in Chiba

After ikea we went to Nishi-Funabashi station to change trains back to Tozai line and in there is a great “gaijin shop” a shop full of things from US and Europe. Like this !
Shopping day at Chiba
These things are very delicious as well ! I make Hotdogs with these !
Shopping day at Chiba

Soon as we arrived to Gyotoku station we went to Donki (normal store that has EVERYTHING) and got some snacks. When we got out from the store it was raining like crazy and we had no umbrellas and no will to buy again an umbrella since our house is full of umbrellas heh.

we went to Mister donuts to get our dinner ( that I just ate, delicious)
Shopping day at ChibaShopping day at ChibaShopping day at Chiba

It looked like there was no end to the rain so we decided to have a little break and the nearest coffee shop.
Shopping day at Chiba

We were playing with my ipad a little Tower madness and before me noticed the rain had stopped and we could get going back home !