Ari Helminen, The Finnish Otaku

Have gone a “bit” overboard with all the anime and manga stuff here ! Now at wallmart I often buy one piece snacks and they have like posters and stuff in them as a surprise 😀

Ari Helminen the Otaku
That poster only costs 105 yen at the nearest wallmart in Tokyo !

Ari Helminen the Otaku
Some more manga shopping ! I have to be honest to myself that I am addicted of buying cheap manga !

Ari Helminen the Otaku
Kinda ruined my iphones cover ! need to buy a new one later 😀

Soon going to Cat cafe at shinjuku or ikebukuro probably and to eat something delicious !

Hellooo ! Shopping day at Akihabara and Myoden !

This morning we went to Akihabara to get me my photography gloves since the weather has become quite cold and that I have always wanted them !
Testing the new photography glovesToday's Catch ! Shopping day!Testing the new photography glovesToday's Catch ! Shopping day!Testing the new photography gloves
At Akihabara there was a flea market of figures and everything anime related !! was amazing ! cheap figures everywhere ! I wish I could have bought all of them but since I’m going to Kyoto this weekend I had to save some money. When I came here from Finland I promised myself to find one figure that I have wanted a long time and at that flea market I found her cheap and got her finally ! It’s not exactly the figure I wanted but close !
Today's Catch ! Shopping day!Today's Catch ! Shopping day!
Also in akihabara they were giving free Map/calendar of 2012 which of course I had to take ! I had a similar one at Finland but 2005 version.
Today's Catch ! Shopping day!

At Akihabara we also ate at MOS burger quickly since we were a bit hungry ! After Akihabara we went to myoden to do some shoe shopping ! I found great shoes for myself and so did my girlfriend !

Here are my old shoes that I have been using ! tell me what you think ? was it time for me to change ?

Old broken shoesOld broken shoesOld broken shoes

Here are my new shoes ! water proof this time ! yattaa 😀 cheap as well !
New water proof shoes !New water proof shoes !
After we were done with shoe shopping we had a delicious icecream break!
Delicious icecream at MyodenDelicious icecream at Myoden

At home today I “tried” to cook meatballs and potatoes but did couple of mistakes and totally ruined the dinner or that what I thought, it was actually eatable !

Sorry that todays post is a bit smal. I’m pretty sleepy (my eyes are closing while I am doing this !)

Got some new manga .. again

I’m badly addicted on getting manga. Since it is so cheap I can’t stop buying it and for some reason I feel happy after I buy it, am I a weird person or what ?

but anyway, I’m trying to collect couple of full manga seasons but it seems to be a bit more difficult than I thought, one day I should just go in with a wallet full of cash and buy all at the same time!

Seriously if you like Manga or games and you are poor like I am, go to that Enterking store ! (I can give you directions on the ones I go to) and start shopping !

Happy with some new manga

Today will be a shopping day, a bit in akihabara and then to buy new shoes ! I’ll post some photos of my current shoes and you see why I want new ones !

uhm it’s only 7.48am I think I should go to bed at least for couple of minutes

Evening at Myoden.

Yesterday evening I went to get my girlfriend from the station and we went to check some new shoes for both us since mine are all broken and she just wants new shoes for rain and hiking. We are going to go to Kyoto this sunday and in there we are sure to walk a lot and also next week we will climb Takao mountain in Tokyo as well.

This is I, earlier that day going back home.
Metro magicMetro magicMetro magic

We had some delicious dinner at a Family restaurant called Coco’s

This is what I had
Coco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant Chiba

My girl had a delicious pasta and soup.
Coco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant Chiba

I liked what this said ” We are cooking for you” 😀
Coco's Family restaurant Chiba

Decided to snap a photo of myself while waiting my girlfriend.
Metro magic

Just look at these great things I found at the pharmacy!
That’s a One Piece Razer for men ! Seriously if I weren’t using Gillette I would totally buy that !
Extra photos from Japan

Looks like he is REALLY enjoying his drink ! Extra photos from Japan

I would buy everything he is selling !
Extra photos from Japan

Ps. I took photos of all the pages of the menu for you to see a normal Japanese family restaurant menu. The interesting thing about this place was that there was a English names for the foods written down.
Coco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant Chiba

Today I went to Ueno but did not get any that amazing shots. As an idiot Finnish I thought that Japan could never be cold for me so today I grabbed my t-shirt and went out and damn I was so wrong ! it’s somewhat freezing here ! not that I would need my winter coat but some extra layer yes !

I’ll post few photos I got today to my site in few hours ! (watching Death note movie at the moment and eating delicious apples from Aomori.) Tonight  I will make Tacos with my own made guacamole for dinner.

First Manga update!

マンガ Manga madness 
Here is all the manga I have collected in Japan so far. (of course I have more in Finland).
マンガ Manga madness 
I will get much much more before my time here is finished tho. I did not like manga before I came to Japan, I was all about anime at that point but after I started reading them here I really got in to them.
マンガ Manga madness 
Manga is very easy to buy in Japan, there are a lot of cheap places to get used manga and also cheap places to get new manga. Enterking and mandarake are two that I use a lot ! 25-300 yen manga I love it !
マンガ Manga madness マンガ Manga madness 
To think that a normal price for manga here is about 495yen to 1500yen!
マンガ Manga madness 
Will be interesting to see at the airport again my luggage weight. I bet it will be over the limit again! It always is with me… 😀
マンガ Manga madness マンガ Manga madness 
I will start editing photos from the park yesterday soon but can’t promise when they will be up since the internet I am using here at Chiba is not the fastest. Could be today or tomorrow or sadly even Sunday. I’ll leave my computer uploading until they are up !

Rainy day today so I’m probably staying in 🙂