Hamburgers of Tokyo


Here are some of the most delicious hamburgers I have eaten in Japan and some other extras!! If you don’t become hungry while reading this post there is only two options:
1st. you don’t like food
2nd. you are a vegan or vegetarian

Let’s start with the awesome M.O.S burger ! This burger is my favorite there and I miss it so much !
MOS burger and Pizza-LaM.O.S BurgerM.O.S Burger

Just look at how tasty that looks 😀

Hard Rock cafe Tokyo

World famous restaurant strikes again!
Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo,JapanHard Rock Cafe Tokyo,JapanHard Rock Cafe Tokyo,Japan

Always a good place to go to have a great evening.

Freshness burger

Very similar burger place to M.O.S but I guess this place is more “fresh” ? 😀 hehe
Freshness Burger

Got a love those onion rings as well 😀

McDonald’s (マクドナルド)

I don’t eat often Mc often but the morning sets I love !
5th day! まじ東京あげぽよ☆

Cheap and good !

Hooters Tokyo (フーターズ 東京)
hフーターズ Hooters, 東京 日本 Tokyo Japan

That was my first time in Hooters and damn it was goood 😀 women were nice too hehe 😀

zest cantina (ゼストキャンティーナ)
Hamburgers at zest cantina EbisuHamburgers at zest cantina EbisuHamburgers at zest cantina Ebisu

Zest is a great place ! I recommend eating here ! their website is in English as well 🙂

Wolfgang Puck (ウルフギャング・パック)

Wolfgang puck andWolfgang puck andWolfgang puck and

Very cheap and delicious place as well ! easy to find in Harajuku 😀

Festival Hamburger
Asakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi marketAsakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi marketAsakusa,Tokyo Hagoitaichi market

This burger was huge and gooooddd 😀

There were couple Hamburgers that you might like to try in Japan!

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My Sony in Kyoto

In the recent posts I only added photos that I took with my Nikon but in this one I will show you all kinds of photos that I just quickly took with my Sony pocket cam. Mostly photos of food we ate and so on ! I hope you like them and don’t become too hungry while watching the photos !

This is us leaving to the trip in the evening.
Ready for our trip to Kyoto !Ready for our trip to Kyoto !
I look so horrible in that photo !

The first and second High way stops we got off to stretch our legs, Very interesting places those highway stops !
Highway stop Tokyo-KyotoHighway stop Tokyo-Kyoto
Finally arrived to Kyoto at 5.30am
Arrived to Kyoto station

Our breakfast/lunch that morning
Japanese SaladBreakfast hotdog 朝食のホットドッグBreakfast hotdog 朝食のホットドッグNormal morning set in Japan cafeBreakfast hotdog 朝食のホットドッグ
I had the Hotdog morning set and my girl had a normal bacon morning set ! found that small cafe by accident and it was sooo delicious !

I ate way too much of Macha icecream (green tea) in Kyoto ! I’m in love with it !
Green tea icecream 抹茶ソフト
While I was having my ice cream my girl was eating this delicious dish called Zenzai!

Someday I want to try one of these over sized plates
Restaurant where everything is big

Had quite normal dinner as well since we were both tired after the first day and too bored to start searching a better restaurant.
Mix grill set (in Kyoto)Mix grill set (in Kyoto)

Here it is ! our room at the Ryokan we stayed at! We were there two nights, it was not bad at all considering it’s price which was about 6000yen a night and it had a goodish onsen downstairs and very close to the Kyoto station (about 3 min walk) ps. Sorry that it is quite messy ! was too lazy to clean for a quick photo.
Ryokan Kyoto 京都の旅館
Ryokan Kyoto 京都の旅館
This Fanta looked good at the store but when I tried it I was so disappointed
Delicious fanta.. NOT

Normal Morning McDonald meal (morning set)
Morning set at mcdonnalds

After the first Temple of the day I ate one of the best icecreams ever ! mixed with many Japanese flavors including Macha(green tea),Maron,other tea and vanilla.
Icecream mix , 四種のミックスソフト

Had a delicious late lunch the second day !
udon うどん湯葉丼抹茶パフェ Macha icecream抹茶パフェ Macha icecream抹茶パフェ Macha icecream
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Delicious it made me cry !

Quick hot dog at Kyoto station the third day
Hotdog at Kyoto stationHotdog at Kyoto station

My breakfast after climbing the fushimi inari shrine mountain
breakfast toast

Our dinner before the buss back to Tokyo at Kyoto station
Spaghetti スパゲッティSpaghetti スパゲッティ

Delicious icecream ! no idea where I ate it tho, Macha flavor of course
Green tea icecream 抹茶ソフト

My girls Takoyaki (octopus balls)
たこ焼き takoyakiたこ焼き takoyaki
(my cola)

and some of the souvenirs we bought at kyoto.
Souvenirs from KyotoSouvenirs from Kyoto

More to come…

Evening at Myoden.

Yesterday evening I went to get my girlfriend from the station and we went to check some new shoes for both us since mine are all broken and she just wants new shoes for rain and hiking. We are going to go to Kyoto this sunday and in there we are sure to walk a lot and also next week we will climb Takao mountain in Tokyo as well.

This is I, earlier that day going back home.
Metro magicMetro magicMetro magic

We had some delicious dinner at a Family restaurant called Coco’s

This is what I had
Coco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant Chiba

My girl had a delicious pasta and soup.
Coco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant Chiba

I liked what this said ” We are cooking for you” 😀
Coco's Family restaurant Chiba

Decided to snap a photo of myself while waiting my girlfriend.
Metro magic

Just look at these great things I found at the pharmacy!
That’s a One Piece Razer for men ! Seriously if I weren’t using Gillette I would totally buy that !
Extra photos from Japan

Looks like he is REALLY enjoying his drink ! Extra photos from Japan

I would buy everything he is selling !
Extra photos from Japan

Ps. I took photos of all the pages of the menu for you to see a normal Japanese family restaurant menu. The interesting thing about this place was that there was a English names for the foods written down.
Coco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant ChibaCoco's Family restaurant Chiba

Today I went to Ueno but did not get any that amazing shots. As an idiot Finnish I thought that Japan could never be cold for me so today I grabbed my t-shirt and went out and damn I was so wrong ! it’s somewhat freezing here ! not that I would need my winter coat but some extra layer yes !

I’ll post few photos I got today to my site in few hours ! (watching Death note movie at the moment and eating delicious apples from Aomori.) Tonight  I will make Tacos with my own made guacamole for dinner.