Mix day with Akihabara and Ginza

Was a good day with a delicious Japanese lunch and my girlfriend and I have this tradition that always when we go to Akihabara we go to M.O.S burger to eat as well, no idea when that started tho heh.

This is what I had for lunch it is called kakuniteishoku, have to say that it was delicious
Traditional Japanese lunchTraditional Japanese lunchTraditional Japanese lunch
My girlfriend ate Tekkadon, not bad either 😀
Traditional Japanese lunchTraditional Japanese lunch

After that we head off to Akihabara and I got some good shots there ! it’s very interesting now that the Autumn leafs are great in Tokyo but it is already winter here technically.
Of course always have to take photos of the AKB48 cafe and Gundam cafe
Akihabara and GinzaAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and Ginza
Again a shot of one of my fav girls in AKB48
Akihabara and Ginza
I hate this place.. Eats all my 100 yen coins !
Akihabara and Ginza

Maids at Akihabara working hard to get customers to come to their cafes ! (this is so normal to me now heh when I got there first time I in such a WOOOOOOWWW state but now normal thing to see)
Akihabara and GinzaAkihabara and Ginza maidsAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and Ginza

and here are few shots of Akihabara 🙂
Akihabara and Ginza

SofMap having big sale, go and get cheap electronics 😀
Akihabara and Ginza

Akihabara and GinzaAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and Ginza

Ate at MOS like I said..
M.O.S Burger .. again !

We went to ginza after Akiba because I had to complain at Apple store a bit since my ipad2 cover is making weird colors to my ipad..But got some good shots there as well!
Akihabara and GinzaAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and GinzaAkihabara and Ginza

I don’t know if many of you know but next week Monday we are going to see my girlfriends family in north Japan at Aomori. At this moment Aomori is full of snow and freaking cold, ok ok  I’m Finnish and Finland is a cold place too but what I have heard from my Finnish friend is that Aomori is VERY cold! Bit worried but I am sure I manage ! need to get some Japanese shirts that are Heat tech !
Akihabara and Ginza

But I promise I will get some great photos there !

Few panorama photos again taken with my sony.

Panorama at AkihabaraPanorama at Akihabara
We were a bit lucky! the smoking room at mos was totally empty ! first time saw it empty
Panorama at Akihabara