Finland, Lahti Ski Games


This is a post about a job I had a week ago. I was working as an attaché for the team of Japan in the world famous ski competition in my city.

Lahti ski games (Salpausselän kisat)
Is a yearly international winter sport event. It lasts about 3 days and there are three different sports that include cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined.
I’m not that much in to winter sports so I did not know pretty much anything about the event but I learned a lot while working there. The second day of the competition everyone always gather there to see the beautiful fireworks that they have.

There were three different attachés for the team of Japan and since the team was competing in all three events we decided that each attaché was in charge of each sport ( I was the attaché for the ski jump team)

This was my team (I can promise that they are not happy that I post their photos here but let’s hope that they don’t read my blog)
Lahti ski games 2012

I had my small sony with my so I got some nice shots here and there, technically I was not allowed to take photos but well my boss didn’t know about that I did.

these are the main ski jumps of Lahti and where the competition is held. Sadly that weekend it was so windy that the athletes had to jump from the second biggest ski jump.
Lahti ski games 2012

Most of the time we were standing outside cheering our teams and being there just in case if they needed us for anything or sitting in our office and watching tv heh.
Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012

You can see how busy I am from this photo
Lahti ski games 2012
Or not 😀

We did get free food tho and I have to say that it was not bad at all.
Lahti ski games 2012

Some outside photos 😀
Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012

In this photo you can see many of the Attachés who worked there and some other people. (if you can find me I give you a cookie or two ! . The white bear? is like a mascot of the event .. I think 😀 There was a small girl inside.
Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012Lahti ski games 2012

One of the most famous Japanese athletes at the event was Noriaki “Kamikaze” Kasai. Very nice guy I talked with him couple times in Japanese of course. Got a love his nick name “kamikaze” hehe 😀
Lahti ski games 2012

Next week I’ll tell you more specific info about my next flights to Japan and other info 😀 one thing I can promise, much much more photos ! 😀