Happy life in Tokyo

These couple of days were great, Cat cafes and delicious food !

Coming home after a long drinking night in Tokyo is always interesting. First train comes around about 5am-ish and in that train you can see a lot of weird things.

I arrived to Asakusa at 5.40am and the streets were so quiet and peaceful, very good time to take photos.
Early morning in Asakusa
I went straight to sleep but I did saw people getting ready for the Sanja matsuri.
Early morning in Asakusa

In Ginza there is a famous waffle shop that I never tried before and now I understand why there is a long queue everyday. They were deeeelicious and Cheap !
belgian wuffels in Ginzabelgian wuffels in Ginza

I’m absolutely mental about Ice cream ( you should know that already), in a hot day in Tokyo I normally eat 3-5 ice creams and most of them are macha (green tea) ice cream.
Eating macha ice cream

One of my weird traditions is to go to Shakey’s pizzeria and after I’m full I go to the cat cafe !
Shakeys pizza is a good place to go if you want ok tasting pizza, very tasty onion rings and 300yen drinks.
ps. that place is very cheap.
Shakeys pizza in ShinjukuShakeys pizza in ShinjukuShakeys pizza in Shinjuku
Here are some very cute photos of the cats at my favorite cat cafe at shinjuku called Calico.
Cat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near KabukichoCat cafe Calico near Kabukicho

In the last post post I wrote about the best Japanese fried chicken place (唐揚げ)
that is located in Asakusa. The chicken is very cheap so one evening I ate a lot of it 😀

M.O.S Burger is best fast food restaurant in the world. Just look how tasty it looks ! When you visit Japan you have to go to eat there even once !
M.O.S. Burger in AkihabaraM.O.S. Burger in Akihabara

I went to the famous One Piece event in Roppongi Hills which was great but the entrance fee was 2000 yen and you could not take photos inside there and it was in the same floor as the Tokyo city view but you could not enter to that side without paying 1500 yen more so I gave up and went only to see the One Piece event. It was worth the money but I would have been happier if I could have taken photos inside.
One Piece exhibition in Roppongi Hills
Long line of people getting the tickets to the event that was held in the 52nd floor if I’m not mistaken.
One Piece exhibition in Roppongi Hills
I did get a lot of One piece merchandise from there tho 😀
One Piece exhibition in Roppongi Hills

If you are going to the Solamachi mall in Tokyo Sky Tree you have to check out the kyoto green tea ice cream shop ! Look what I got and you understand why.
Macha Azuki ice cream in sky tree, まちゃ あずきMacha Azuki ice cream in sky tree, まちゃ あずきMacha Azuki ice cream in sky tree, まちゃ あずき
Also when you visit the tokyo Sky Tree you absolutely have to buy a Tokyo Banana Tree from there, they sell these almost everywhere in there so would not be too difficult to find.
Tokyo Banana Tree (famous souvenir from the Sky Tree)

As a nice end to this post, here is a homeless man with an expensive Finnish design bag called Marimekko. 😀
Homeless man with marimekko

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Ari Helminen, The Finnish Otaku

Have gone a “bit” overboard with all the anime and manga stuff here ! Now at wallmart I often buy one piece snacks and they have like posters and stuff in them as a surprise 😀

Ari Helminen the Otaku
That poster only costs 105 yen at the nearest wallmart in Tokyo !

Ari Helminen the Otaku
Some more manga shopping ! I have to be honest to myself that I am addicted of buying cheap manga !

Ari Helminen the Otaku
Kinda ruined my iphones cover ! need to buy a new one later 😀

Soon going to Cat cafe at shinjuku or ikebukuro probably and to eat something delicious !

Games in Japan

I’m not sure what you call these places but they are everywhere.

Shopping at Nakano, Tokyo

I have easily used over 10,000 yen on those machines and I have to be honest I have never ever won anything ! They are just way too difficult ! If I were to win someday I’d be jumping naked in Ginza and yelling “Yattaaaa” .

Shopping at Nakano, Tokyo

if anyone who reads my blog knows the trick to win in that please do tell 😀

But still I suggest everyone to try to play these at least once while visiting Japan, they are loads of fun ! Just be careful because they eat your money faster then you can say “I’m poor” .
Shopping at Nakano, Tokyo

I have probably used over 2000yen just to try to get that luffy figure! F-ing difficult 😀

First otaku catch of the Autumn


Yesterday I was having a bit of a otaku ( geek) and photography day so after I was done with my shopping I started to take photos that you will soon see!

but this is what I bought !
Otaku shopping

I like one piece a lot and I have a lot figures from it and now I have even more! in that “top 10” section you can find some of my favorite anime as well, if you have any questions about otaku things in Tokyo I am sure to know ! well I can try my best !

I will soon upload two more posts with new photos ! I hope you like em !