Got some new manga .. again

I’m badly addicted on getting manga. Since it is so cheap I can’t stop buying it and for some reason I feel happy after I buy it, am I a weird person or what ?

but anyway, I’m trying to collect couple of full manga seasons but it seems to be a bit more difficult than I thought, one day I should just go in with a wallet full of cash and buy all at the same time!

Seriously if you like Manga or games and you are poor like I am, go to that Enterking store ! (I can give you directions on the ones I go to) and start shopping !

Happy with some new manga

Today will be a shopping day, a bit in akihabara and then to buy new shoes ! I’ll post some photos of my current shoes and you see why I want new ones !

uhm it’s only 7.48am I think I should go to bed at least for couple of minutes

First Manga update!

マンガ Manga madness 
Here is all the manga I have collected in Japan so far. (of course I have more in Finland).
マンガ Manga madness 
I will get much much more before my time here is finished tho. I did not like manga before I came to Japan, I was all about anime at that point but after I started reading them here I really got in to them.
マンガ Manga madness 
Manga is very easy to buy in Japan, there are a lot of cheap places to get used manga and also cheap places to get new manga. Enterking and mandarake are two that I use a lot ! 25-300 yen manga I love it !
マンガ Manga madness マンガ Manga madness 
To think that a normal price for manga here is about 495yen to 1500yen!
マンガ Manga madness 
Will be interesting to see at the airport again my luggage weight. I bet it will be over the limit again! It always is with me… 😀
マンガ Manga madness マンガ Manga madness 
I will start editing photos from the park yesterday soon but can’t promise when they will be up since the internet I am using here at Chiba is not the fastest. Could be today or tomorrow or sadly even Sunday. I’ll leave my computer uploading until they are up !

Rainy day today so I’m probably staying in 🙂

Akihabara Shopping day!

With my girl this morning we went to ginza so I could quickly visit Citybank to get some cash ( since life doesn’t go on in Japan just with Visa) . From there we jumped to the Hibiya line to Akihabara and started shopping at Yodobashi akiba, my girl got a cute cover for her new iPod touch and I got a new proper bag for my lens.

We also ate at the upstairs of Yodobashi. I recommend it at lunch time since most of the restaurants there have that lunch menu so pretty cheap ! I Took photos of the food and everything as always that I will add in the next few hours.

After we were done with Akihabara we left to Gyotoku ( which is pretty much my home station) and there of course to my manga shop to get some great and cheap manga ! as in the photo you see I did get some nice ones today as well !

I’ll soon check the rest of the photos that I have in my sony and then I will upload them to my flickr while my girl is cooking Japanese curry for dinner.
Ari Helminen (me) Shopping dayAri Helminen (me) Shopping dayAri Helminen (me) Shopping day

That lowerpro is a great brand for camera bags! I like it a lot, I have now erm 4 bags from them (2 shoulder bags, small and a big one . a bag for my pocket camera and also now that new lens bag) . I should get a good big back bag that fits all my lenses but not in a hurry yet 😀

Ari Helminen 漫画オタク

Ari Helminen (me) with his new manga!

Found this great new place to buy Manga , 25yen to 360 yen a book ! Cheap as hell !!

Been buying like crazy and much more in the next few months ! gonna empty that place!

(I know I look kinda freaky in that photo but come on 😀 good to be happy)

that Store you can find in Gyotoku station. it also has games for psp and such very cheap.


Manga got in Japan

Bought my first manga

Some of the Mangas I have now bought here.

Little bit of Mai hime and also the season two Mai hime Z and couple of HunterxHunter as well

also yesterday I got manga of my favorite anime Fairy tail was lucky to find that one 😀

Best place to by manga for me is a store at Nakano,shibuya and akihabara which name I can’t remember right now, I’ll tell you about it later, anyway you can get one manga for 100 yen and 3 for 200 yen 😀