The hunt of a new wallet !

The goal we had this day was to find a wallet I saw back in November in a store in shibuya.

Saw a “onsen” in Ginza.. well a Foot onsen ? heh I was thinking getting naked and jumping in but didn’t 😀
Onsen in GinzaOnsen in Ginza
We visited that store I visited in November and they did not have it so they suggested us to go to Tokyu hands to see if they do since they had more from the brand (Porter) and of course they did not have it either, they did help us a lot by calling Porter and asking about it but they did not know either where we could get it.

We went from store to store to see and non of them had it but then we suddenly saw the one I wanted in a small shop in shibuya but the problem was that it was a white version of it but we did find out the name for it. The lady who worked there said that that wallet was now very popular and it is sold out in most of Tokyo (I got good taste huh). At that point I gave up and said that I’ll find another wallet but my girl did not give up and we went to I0I0 in Shibuya and dadaaa they had one left and I got it !

This is my old wallet that I bought from Madrid back in the days when I was living there, many years old now.
My old walletMy old walletMy old wallet
This is the new and shiny Porter that I have now.
New Porter walletNew Porter walletNew Porter wallet
At this point we were both starving so we went to a cheap and delicious restaurant near our home in Gyotoku.
The thing I like about this place is that it is so cheap, fills you up and tasty ! Like these sets were under 800yen each.
Tasty Japanese restaurantTasty Japanese restaurant

I miss Shibuya ! got a love that place
Shibuya panorama

Check this out on it’s original size in my flickr !
Shibuya panorama

More Videos in Japan

Here are again videos for you from the exciting Japan !

Was walking in Shibuya for a bit to find my new wallet so took this video for you 😀

Went to my favorite cat Cafe in Shinjuku called calico. Always a great place to go to when you want to relax.

Cutest Cats ever ! Maybe not as cute as Chibi tho 😀

As you might know I’m crazy about stalking those cats that live in the streets so always when I see one I quickly start taking video like you see here.

This video is very interesting, I took it on the opening day of the new burger king in Gyotoku, you see how many people they have working there 😀