More Videos in Japan

Here are again videos for you from the exciting Japan !

Was walking in Shibuya for a bit to find my new wallet so took this video for you 😀

Went to my favorite cat Cafe in Shinjuku called calico. Always a great place to go to when you want to relax.

Cutest Cats ever ! Maybe not as cute as Chibi tho 😀

As you might know I’m crazy about stalking those cats that live in the streets so always when I see one I quickly start taking video like you see here.

This video is very interesting, I took it on the opening day of the new burger king in Gyotoku, you see how many people they have working there 😀

Tokyo Videos !

Few different videos I took in Tokyo for you.

1st. The Christmas illuminations of Aqua city odaiba!

Aqua city is a big mall at Odaiba, very interesting spot to go shopping and have dinner!

2nd. A view of Hard Rock cafe at Roppongi Hills Tokyo

My favorite restaurant chain in the world, great food and the best atmosphere ! Took this video when I was way too full of tasty food.

3rd. Inside Shinjuku JR station changing lines while going to Nakano. Also you can see what a normal Tokyo Metro looks like when it is not rush hour 🙂

4th. Shinjuku station again but this time Metro side. In this video you can see how to use Suica/pasmo cards.

Shakey’s pizza and Calico Cat cafe !

Continuing from the last post,
Calico cat cafe
before we went to the cat cafe we took a quick stop at this delicious pizza place called Shakey’s ( I love their onion rings).

We ordered 2 plates of onion rings,caesar salad and quater size pizza! The pizza there is not that OOOO but the onion rings are to die for with the delicious dip ! The thing about this place is that it is very cheap ! all what we ate was only 2100 yen, aahh and of course 2 drinks .
Shakey's Pizza
Salad was okay tho !

My girl wants to eat already but I am taking photos 😀
Shakey's Pizza

Shakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza

Pizza was not bad at all either!

Shakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza

and here are the delicious onion rings !
Shakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's PizzaShakey's Pizza


Few more photos from the cute cat cafe that I took with my pocket Sony !
Calico cat cafe
Calico cat cafe
Calico cat cafe
Look at my big eyes !
Calico cat cafe

Now we are going back to Shinjuku to take some photos and getting ready for a party tonight ! Let’s get our drink on !

Shinjuku day with a sight of Mt.Fuji

Early morning today I went to Ginza for a quick visit at the Citybank to get me some cash and then I took the train to Shinjuku!

Shinjuku is a nice place to take some photos at the morning. I went on top of the Tokyo metropolitan building (which is free) to take some beautiful photos of Tokyo, also got some great shots of Fuji-san (Mt.Fuji). If you go there when the sky is clear you can easily see that iconic mountain.

In that same building is the travel information for all of Japan and for tokyo so I got “some” (A LOT) of different papers from places to visit.

Probably my favorite photo I got there. Those clouds kinda ruined the photo but not too badly.
the Spirit of Mt.Fuji
(Looks great if you watch it full screen in my flickr)

The all mighty Skytree ! you can see it very well from there.
The amazing Skytree !
(Ok to see it this close I had to used my 120-400 zoom lens tho 😀 )

there was couple of “Samurais” also! Oh well Kendo students probably or just guys who like “bokuto” the wooden sword.
Samurai Spirit still livesSamurai Spirit still lives

Got many great shots of these cute birds at that park next to the metropolitan building!
Birdy couple
I like this photo because it shows something that you see always after a heavy rain that comes suddenly. People buy those 100-300 yen umbrellas and when the rain stops the umbrellas always are forgotten somewhere.
Abandoned umbrellas

And here are couple of normal shots of tokyo skyline .
The amazing Skytree !On top of ShinjukuOn top of ShinjukuOn top of ShinjukuOn top of ShinjukuThe amazing Skytree !Shinjuku building!On top of Shinjuku

Poor Nakako, cloud is taking away all the sunlight from there.
On top of Shinjuku

I like how the clouds are making shadows to some parts of the city.
On top of Shinjuku

this is the Metropolitan building
It's Shinjuku time !!

and to finish this post here are three more photos 😀 ( too much photos I know!)
It's Shinjuku time !!It's Shinjuku time !!It's Shinjuku time !!
see more at my flickr !

Ari Helminen the Baseball Star!… NOT

Went to batting center at shinjuku a while ago and this is the result ! I want to add that it was my first time hitting a ball ! so my stance and all that are horrible !

I made a Tumblr website yesterday so if you are on it check it out. not totally ready tho but anyway 😀