Top 10

Top 10 iPhone 4 apps

  1. Whatsapp — Absolutely the best app to be in contact with you family and friends.
  2. Facebook — Facebook is kinda self explained, get’s you in to Facebook
  3. Skype — Free and good quality.. It’s skype best thing ever
  4. CheckMyTrip — Great for everyone who flies a lot, you can have your flight info in your hand.
  5. Lonely Planet apps — All of them are great ! I have couple in my phone that I use often.
  6. MetrO — one of the best apps for a new city metro system.
  7. LadioTouch — Listen Live radio from Japan
  8. VLC — you can watch all video formats on your iphone
  9. Instagram — Great photography app
  10. Flickr — Access Flickr

Top 10 iPad 2 apps

  1. — it links all messengers and chats to one app (inculding facebook,yahoo,etc.)
  2. Friendly for facebook — there is a lot of facebook apps in the ipad 2 but this is the one I chose to use.
  3. Google earth — amazing for ipad
  4. FlightTrack — Track your flights in a map and get fast updates
  5. NHK World — NHK live , loving it
  6. pdf-Notes — good app for reading pdf files
  7. Movie Player — Different format movies on your ipad
  8. Zen Brush — if you like drawing , you’ll like this !
  9. Appbank — App suggestion bank from Japan
  10. XE currency — Get your currency rates easily and fast.

Top 10 Anime

  1. Naruto
  2. Bleach
  3. One piece
  4. Ao no Exorcist
  5. Fairy Tail
  6. Death Note
  7. Soul eater
  8. Full metal alchemist
  9. Hikaru no Go
  10. Dragon Ball

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