Curry Ramen in Asakusa

My friend Matti who is Finnish-American had his last day in Japan so we wanted to eat something special and I happened to see a limited time offer of Curry Ramen.

It was actually very good 😀 When I get back to Tokyo I need to have it once more.
Curry Ramen in AsakusaCurry Ramen in Asakusa
Doesn’t that just look delicious !

The waiter took a photo of us and you can see that cool advertising poster in the back as well.
That’s myself, Matti and Juan ( I think it is written like that 😀 )
He didn’t want to be in the photo and I wasn’t sure how he felt that I would post it here so I blurred him a bit 😀
Ramen with friends !
Half Finnish Half American !

After my friend left to Narita international. I went back to the hostel to clean my bed area a bit since my fiance was arriving to Tokyo that same day.

In the evening I took my girl to my favorite bar at Asakusa called err.. Shot music bar asakusa (or something like that). When I get back to Asakusa I will make a video for you to find it since it is kinda hidden in a small side street second floor.
best bar in Asakusabest bar in Asakusabest bar in Asakusa

Great music and all drinks 600 yen except some special imported beer.

Who was watching AKB48 2012 election yesterday ? 😀

One of the best days!

Yesterday I had my Welcome back to Japan party !!!

It was great to see all my good friends again and drink, eat and have fun with everyone

I took a lot of photos again as always. Monday morning I will start editing them and I should have them uploaded Monday morning as well hopefully!

Also I went to Shinjukus famous kabukicho and got some great photos there as well !

You will love the next post I will make ! also a lot of delicious food photos !

as you may see in this video ! We had lots of fun !